“What is the central theme to this everlasting spoof?” + bonus lyric-koans from the Strawberry Show

LyricKoan 2 Leaf or Petal

The Baker’s Beat “Lyric-Koan” feature highlights a lyric from the previous night’s show and encourages readers to ponder it’s meaning during the day as a meditative exercise, using the Japanese calligraphy visual if desired.


“There’s nothing to get hung about…”

(from “Strawberry Fields Forever, lyrics by John Lennon circa 1967)

“What is the truth? What is the faithful, lasting proof? What is the central theme to this everlasting spoof?”

(from “Halley’s Comet”, lyrics by Richard Wright aka Nancy circa 1986)

“If life were easy and not so fast I wouldn’t think about the past. I can’t forget to turn the earth so both sides get their share of darkness and of light.”

(from “Roggae”, lyrics by Tom Marshall circa 1998)

“I’ve stayed at my station on the scene and frayed like the circuits in between
And played as the part of a machine and I found out that I had my mind to learn.”

(from “I Always Wanted It This Way”, lyrics by Page McConnell circa 2016)