Inwood Ode

The day after it was over, a pale grey sky cast its pall and dripped a slow & steady rain on Inwood & its one and all, cooling, quieting a mind trying to embrace goodbye. To Nereda the Elder Queen, her stoop on Seaman her throne who told me, “Never, never force”. The sign on her front door says “Hope”. To the Fine Fare late night saint. In his Red Sox cap, he double bags most everything: “Bue-nah Noch-ay”, born with a smile nothing’s erased. To the most dear Uncle Tom, true guardian angel walking tall. That I may one … Continue reading Inwood Ode

We Are Who We Are – Not Yet.

Sun dial shows a fortnight’s passed, yet onward spills the Gotham dream. “Land ho!” we shouted days ago and, anchored on Edenic coast, left the vessel, trekked ashore where we, gleeful, headed for the summit of which we were told of by our elders long ago that the view was long and light poured straight from yonder heaven’s skies. We reached this mountain, still with time to make our camp at paradise. We are who we are – not yet.   (8/6/2017 – Inwood, Manhattan, New York) (See more Everlastin’ Spoof writings at Continue reading We Are Who We Are – Not Yet.

In a Holy Groove

When you walk through the garden, you can hold my hand. We’ll see some devils & angels, an ugly pig and a band. Don’t gotta wait all night. Don’t gotta move. It’s come the time to share in a holy groove. Lord, the steps get steeper right at the top. We’re scribing tales of lore. I’ll have my suite on the rocks. We may be trapped in time. I don’t know what to do. Step through the fiery threshold. Share in that holy groove. All the way from New York City to Blackburn Lancashire. We don’t gotta worry, reinforcements almost … Continue reading In a Holy Groove

Uncharted Waters, Fathoms Unformed

You climb & climb & climb atop and gain the Garden’s bird’s eye view. Looking down, confirm the rumor: Here, we straddle past & future. Below the land it shifts and shakes. A continent, once whole, then breaks. The ocean’s water separates the mass of earth to little islands of different climes & light horizons. Straits and seas of Titan rising, pushing our ship far from the shore and into the middle of the storm to uncharted waters and fathoms unformed. (Patience) (7/30/2017 – Inwood, Manhattan, New York) (See more Everlastin’ Spoof writings at Continue reading Uncharted Waters, Fathoms Unformed

On the Outskirts of the Yard, He Sees an Open Door.

The boy was laying on the lawn, just like he does each eve. Then crawling through the fresh-cut grass our lawn boy finds a key. Looks around and calls her name, his mother he can’t see. Then on the outskirts of the yard, he sees an open door. Crossing to it slowly through the dew, he sees there’s more: Beyond the lawn a mountainside, a silent bird, an empty shore. Leaving behind his well-kept yard, he enters the long grass. Disappearing from the midst, clouds dissipate to mist at last. Traveling through swells & storms & hurricanes cross-eyed, To the … Continue reading On the Outskirts of the Yard, He Sees an Open Door.

Now You Are, Now You Aren’t Caught in the Buffer

Down a dark and wayward concourse of Madison Square Garden at set break you see a red velvet curtain. The floor leading there a zigzag pattern of black and white. Coordinates appear on the inside of your arm. In your pocket you find a map, very old and always current. A man in the shadows points the direction but won’t follow you in. Several paths through which to enter. And like Lou said, “Watch out, the world’s behind you,”and it’s coming fast. You approach the orb one step at a time, and after the second it happens: Now you are, … Continue reading Now You Are, Now You Aren’t Caught in the Buffer

Here’s to Madison Square Aquarium…

Here’s to some strawberry donut fun. Here’s to Madison Square Aquarium. Here’s to making new friends at your 100th show. Here’s to reconnecting with your days of old. Here’s to four guys and a single mic. Here’s to fruit for dessert each night. Here’s to constructing a quirky routine. Here’s to breaking it, nice and clean. Here’s to eleven more to go. Here’s to being thankful for just one show. Here’s to the A train at 3 AM. Here’s to doing it all over again. Here’s to the magic of the Baker’s Dozen. (7/22/2017 – Inwood, Manhattan, New York) (See … Continue reading Here’s to Madison Square Aquarium…

A Hidden Place with No Boundary

From a swaying palm on the outer key fell a coconut rolling to your feet with a crooked stem and a shell of green. The temple down the coast a-lights. The moon reveals the Apollonian night. A voice says, “Break it, see what’s inside.” You smash the shell on the trunk of the tree, cracking open what could not be foreseen: a hidden place with no boundary. You must leave the shell, your body behind. It’s all a part of the sacrifice: to truly live means to truly die. You drink the milk and close your eyes. (See more Everlastin’ … Continue reading A Hidden Place with No Boundary

Looking for Clues to Central Themes

“What is the central theme to this everlasting spoof?”, I ask myself often, always looking for clues (being Wisconson by birth and Californian by chance). As summer’s swaying the trees and brightening glances with the band rolling into New York town, chapters in the wings, I’m on the beat, Inwood-bound. No trekking-out-middle-of-nowhere this time, no grass-in-your-toes on lawns of outdoor shrines. Tour leads to just one Garden and a jungle heat where we’ll look high and low for clues to central themes. With the band rolling into New York town, chapters in the wings, I’m on the beat, Inwood-bound, to … Continue reading Looking for Clues to Central Themes