“Fences Are Filters that Purify Our Souls” + Other Lyric-Koans from the Boston Cream Show

LyricKoan 6 Beauty

The Baker’s Beat “Lyric-Koan” feature highlights a lyric from the previous night’s show and encourages readers to ponder it’s meaning during the day as a meditative exercise, using the Japanese calligraphy visual if desired.


“No matter how you slice your day or dream of places far away,
or try to set your world apart, you always end up where you start”

(From “Plasma”, lyrics by Tom Marshall and Scott Herman circa early 2001)


“Obstacles are stepping-stones that guide us to our goals. Fences are filters that purify our souls.”

(From “Light”, lyrics by Tom Marshall circa 2009)


“The trick was to surrender to the flow.”

(From “The Lizards”, lyrics by Trey Anastasio circa 1987)


“Silent in the morning, you found your voice that brings me to my knees.”

(From “Silent in the Morning”, lyrics by Tom Marshall circa 1992)