Lounging Around with Wilma, Henrietta’s Best Friend in All of NYC


Meet Wilma, Henrietta’s most faithful companion in all of New York City.

What Wilma Knew of Phish Before Henrietta Arrived in NYC: Prrrrrrrrrrrrr-actically nothing. She first heard the band last summer (2016) just before the Saratoga Performing Arts Center (SPAC) shows.

Wilma’s Favorite Phish Song: “Moma Dance” (her nickname is “Mama”;)

Wilma’s Favorite Phish Era: Right meow (2017).

Wilma’s Favorite Past Times with Henrietta: Looking out the window to watch the birds and other activity on and above Seaman Avenue; listening to the New York Yankees radio broadcasts; mindful meditation; and playing with toys on the living room rug.

Wilma’s Message of Advice to Phish Fans Attending the Baker’s Dozen: “Be Here Meow.”