In a Holy Groove

When you walk through the garden, you can hold my hand.
We’ll see some devils & angels, an ugly pig and a band.
Don’t gotta wait all night. Don’t gotta move.
It’s come the time to share in a holy groove.

Lord, the steps get steeper right at the top.
We’re scribing tales of lore. I’ll have my suite on the rocks.
We may be trapped in time. I don’t know what to do.
Step through the fiery threshold. Share in that holy groove.

All the way from New York City to Blackburn Lancashire.
We don’t gotta worry, reinforcements almost here.
This place ain’t no mere void, the prophets do conclude.
So on our tenth night together, we shared that holy groove.

That holy groove.

(8/3/2017 – Inwood, Manhattan, New York)

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