“Sometimes I can’t be what’s expected of me” + Other Lyric-Koans from the Cinnamon Show

LyricKoan 6 Beauty

The Baker’s Beat “Lyric-Koan” feature highlights a lyric from the previous night’s show and encourages readers to ponder it’s meaning during the day as a meditative exercise, using the Japanese calligraphy visual if desired.


“Don’t ask him what it was – tell him what it is.”

(From “Ya Mar”, lyrics by Cyril Ferguson circa 1974)


“Timing is everything that much I know. Sometimes I’m faster and sometimes I’m slow. Some days I’m patient but sometimes I’m told to go to the end of the line. But when I can’t be what’s expected of me I look at the clock and say ‘this can’t be.’ Watching it pass without reason or rhyme I find myself drifting in time.”

(From “Vultures”, lyrics by Tom Marshall circa 1997)


“Inside this silent scene all are free, all are free, second time around.”

(From “Twenty Years Later”, lyrics by Tom Marshall circa 2009)