On the Outskirts of the Yard, He Sees an Open Door.

The boy was laying on the lawn, just like he does each eve.
Then crawling through the fresh-cut grass our lawn boy finds a key.
Looks around and calls her name, his mother he can’t see.

Then on the outskirts of the yard, he sees an open door.
Crossing to it slowly through the dew, he sees there’s more:
Beyond the lawn a mountainside, a silent bird, an empty shore.

Leaving behind his well-kept yard, he enters the long grass.
Disappearing from the midst, clouds dissipate to mist at last.

Traveling through swells & storms & hurricanes cross-eyed,
To the moon and back and forth. Falling, rising with the tide.

Lightyears pass with painless speed, our boy he turns to man.
Returning to his green abode from which his trek began.
A whispered word and then no more until the next expanse.

May all of your nights be jam-filled.

(7/26/2017 – Inwood, Manhattan, New York)

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