Marching on the Hudson: Exploring Riverside Park South & Pier 84


Monday was the first day off of Phish’s Baker’s Dozen, so Henrietta got out of the house and took a long walk in the rain along the Hudson River Greenway through Pier 84 and Riverside Park South. Bike lanes (separated from car traffic) traverse the entire route, so out-of-towners can easily grab a blue Citi bike and take off without worrying too much about directions or dealing with aggressive New York drivers.

This long and narrow network of public land stretches nearly the entire length of Manhattan. One could spend several days exploring all of it. Alternately, it’s easy to just hop on and hop off the Greenway at any point and see some beautiful natural scenery mixed in with art installations and scenes of urban decay. Pier 84 (W. 44th Street/12th Avenue) is home to the Intrepid Air Craft Carrier and is a great spot to watch sea planes and barges come through the little river that separates New York City from New Jersey.