“How Many People Are You?” + Bonus Lyric-Koans from Phish’s Red Velvet Show

LyricKoan 7 Ice

The Baker’s Beat “Lyric-Koan” feature highlights a lyric from the previous night’s show and encourages readers to ponder it’s meaning during the day as a meditative exercise, using the Japanese calligraphy visual if desired.


“How many people are you? How many people are you?
How many people like you get caught in the buffer?”

(from “How Many People Are You?”, lyrics by Mike Gordon circa 2015)

“He laughs in full light of my frown, my double wants to pull me down.”

(from “It’s Ice”, lyrics by Tom Marshall circa 1991)

“It takes so much to keep up this disguise.”

(from “More”, lyrics by Trey Anastasio circa 2016)